Letter from our teacher, Rachel Nyazenga


ベストティーチャーに新しく加わった Rachel講師から自己紹介メッセージが届きました!






Hello. My name is Rachel, but my friends like to call me Rach. I am the only girl in a family of five and I am the last born. I am from Africa, specifically Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe  is an African country in the African continent. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe,  however, I work and reside in South Africa. 



This is a map of the African Continent to give you an idea of where Zimbabwe and South Africa are. 


Zimbabwe is home to Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.  Some of the few facts about Victoria Falls are that (i) It is the largest waterfall in the  world and it is twice the height of North America’s Niagara Falls, (ii) it is found in two  national parks being Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park which means ‘‘the smoke that  thunders’’ and Victoria Falls National Park, (iii) its falls can be seen from two countries  being Zimbabwe (75%) and Zambia (25%) and (iv) its English name was chosen by  David Livingstone, a British explorer, and missionary who in 1855 named it for the  British monarch at the time, Queen Victoria. 

ジンバブエには世界七不思議(自然版)のひとつ、「ビクトリアの滝」があります。 この滝に関するいくつかの事実をご紹介します。(1) 世界三大瀑布のひとつである (2) 高さは北米のナイアガラの滝の2倍である (3)その滝はジンバブエ(75%)とザンビア(25%)の2つの国から見ることができる (4)1855年にイギリスの探検家であり宣教師であったデイヴィッド・リヴィングストンが、当時のイギリスの君主であったヴィクトリア女王にちなんで名付けられた

I am a lawyer by profession, specializing in civil law, focusing on divorce matters,  administration of deceased people’s estates, civil claims, evictions etc.


This is a picture of me that was taken after a successful divorce matter. Can you tell  how tired I was? Probably not, I try to keep it cool haha. 


Guess what else I have a passion for apart from practicing law? Teaching. I have always liked teaching such that during my law school years, and in my fourth and fifth year I used to tutor first and second-year law students. I enjoyed every moment and I promised myself to always teach whenever I get the opportunity. 


My hobbies include playing tennis, watching movies and series, and reading novels. 


Can you see the potential that I have to become the next Serena Williams? Just kidding,  I am nowhere close to her, her skills are incomparable. I only play tennis for fun and as  a way of exercising. 

私が次のセリーナ・ウィリアムズになるポテンシャルがあるのがわかりますか!?...なんて言うのは冗談です! 私は到底彼女の足元にも及びませんが、エクササイズのために楽しんでいます。

I hope to see you in my English lesson classes and remember, ‘‘With languages, you are at home anywhere’’ - (Edmund De Waal). Learning English with me will give you the  opportunity to feel at home anywhere! 

「言葉ができれば、どこにいても(自宅のように)くつろげる」- Edmund De Waal(芸術家)という言葉の通り、皆さんがレッスンでリラックスできるようにがんばります!





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