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Five Reasons Why You Need to Travel -旅行をすべき5つの理由-



When was the last time you traveled for pleasure? Whether it was an international or a domestic trip, you probably can’t forget how excited you were for that day to arrive. I asked a businessman what for him is the most important event of the year, and he said, “The days off that I spend traveling with my loved ones are one of the most important events for me.” Well, is traveling only for the privileged few? Not at all!! Everyone has the right to go somewhere and enjoy life. Here’s why you need to take advantage of that freedom to travel:


最後に旅行をしたのはいつですか?海外、国内、どちらの旅行であれ、その日がやって来るまでのワクワクした気持ちは忘れられないものではないでしょうか。あるビジネスマンに一年で一番大切なイベントは何かと尋ねたら、"大切な人と旅行に行く休日です "と言っていました。さて、旅行は一部の恵まれた人だけのものだと思いますか?そんなことはありません! 誰にでも、どこかに行って人生を楽しむ権利があるのです。こちらの記事では、なぜ旅に出るべきかをお伝えしましょう。



1. You definitely need a break. Almost all of us experience stress from time to time, and if we don’t do something to recharge, it’s impossible to get going. Traveling is an excellent stress-reliever. It allows us to escape from the daily routine of waking up early, having a quick breakfast, commuting on a crowded train, having a meeting with the same faces at the workplace, getting home tired, sleeping late, AND, waking up early in the morning again. We repeat the process the whole year-round. Who doesn’t get bored that way? You just need to pack those bags and go! No matter how long or short your vacation is, it will kick the stress away and make you more productive again when you go back to work.


2. Traveling is very educational. When you go to other places, you experience things that you never thought existed. You meet new people and learn from their stories. According to Aldous Leonard Huxley, an English writer and philosopher, “To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” Traveling is a humbling experience because it lets you know that the world is diverse, and it doesn’t just revolve around you. Don’t allow yourself to die without knowing what the other side of the world looks like.


3. Life is too short. Explore the world while you can. If you don’t travel, you’re missing out on experiences that you may never experience again. Get out of your comfort zone. Always remember that no one is an island. We can’t live alone and be happy, so we need to meet new friends and socialize because that is how man is meant to be. Enjoy the food that the locals are eating. Understand their culture and develop good friendships. You can never find that online. 


4. Invest in memories. Can you imagine yourself ten or twenty years from now recollecting the fun moments in all the places that you went to? You’ll never regret meeting people and making your circle of friends bigger and bigger as you go to more and more places. Experiencing life in a different location is always better than buying material things. According to one of the websites, if you buy a standard car it can last around 12 years or about 200,000 miles. On the other hand, our travel memories can last a lifetime! So go ahead, and book a trip now! 



5. Traveling shapes your personality for the better. Those who travel become tolerant of others and are more understanding. Moreover, frequent travelers have more confidence. For example, getting lost on your way and figuring out the road map develops problem-solving skills that may help you in the actual business scene. All these and more help you become a well-rounded person! [And did I mention that when you travel abroad, you will be forced to speak in English, so that’s a good way to practice your conversational skills. Isn’t that nice?]


These are just some of the reasons why you need to schedule a leisure trip from time to time. It doesn’t matter whether you plan a weekend getaway in your local area or a grand vacation overseas. The most important thing is you get out of your bubble once in a while, refresh yourself, and come back to work with a whole new energy.








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