Beverly Dawn Carino 講師
年 齢
35 歳
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An online ESL Teacher since 2013 with TESOL Certification, a former Customer Service Representative for an American student loan company
I started working as a Customer Service Representative for an American student loan company. I assisted customers in applying for the company’s services or products, addressed their concerns and queries, processed payments online, and called back customers for any missing information and important updates.

After that, I became an Online English Tutor. I have been teaching English to Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans of all ages since 2013. I teach English by taking note of the grammar and pronunciation errors of students and giving the corresponding corrections, explaining unfamiliar words or phrases to them, suggesting more appropriate expressions/sentences, checking student’s comprehension of the text lesson or topic, advising them on ways to improve their English skills, and giving a detailed lesson report containing lapses and improvements for each lesson promptly.

On my 2nd year of teaching, I took a course to get a Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) to be better and more competent in my profession.

I love coffee, Japanese food, and swimming. I am so happy whenever I go snorkelling.

How about you? I hope to hear from you soon and be of help to you.
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