Hilrett Cameron 講師
年 齢
45 歳
経 歴
TEFL certification-teacher experience since 2016 / BSc(Human Resource Mgmnt)-over 10 years in Administration
I have a teaching experience with children, adults and senior citizens. I have TEFL certification, a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management and a Diploma in Accounting and Management. During my years of teaching English online, I have helped students to pass the IELTS exams, become fluent and build their confidence. Students can have an interactive, informative and exciting lesson with me. In my lessons I give students the opportunity to speak and express themselves, they are also encouraged to ask lots of questions. I also use visual aids to help them to understand better. My hobbies are watching movies, listening to music and travelling. My favorite movies are Twilight and World War Z and yes I love comedy too! I enjoy listening to reggae music, R&B and gospel. My goal is to provide high-quality teaching that will meet the needs of each student no matter their level.

20:00 - 23:59
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