Ahmed Kalanzi 講師
年 齢
27 歳
経 歴
I am a TESOL certified English tutor with 2 years of experience in both written and spoken English.
Hello my name is Ahmed Kalanzi. I am a 24 year old English teacher from Uganda. After graduating from University, I volunteered at a school as a teaching assistant and supervisor. This experience exposed me to the different teaching methods as well as helped me become more attentive and flexible both as a teacher and human being. I am a passionate and very friendly tutor who believes that learning can be fun and that people have a better chance of remembering what's being taught if there was an element of fun attached. Furthermore, I completed my TESOL Course which gave me great insight into grammar and the English language as a whole. My hobbies include watching movies, swimming, listening to music and meeting new people.
特 徴
  • 初心者向け
  • 映画好き