Phylla Lynne June Magallanes 講師
年 齢
31 歳
経 歴
Freelance Online Math Tutor, Academic Content Writer for an e-Learning Company
Hi! I'm Phylla.

I have had more than a year of experience in teaching English as a second language online. I have a good command of the English language as I have also handled project-based jobs as a content writer for e-learning companies.

I have had more than seven years of experience in teaching, including five years of teaching Math in a classroom set-up, and more than two years doing online and in-person tutorials.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, reading articles on psychology and spirituality, and doing graphic design.

My English skills are best suited for professional students who seek to use the language in their businesses and in the workplace, but I am also able to teach students who are still studying in school or in the university, as well as those who wish to use English in casual conversations.

In my classes, I seek to help students add new words to their vocabulary. I also guide them by identifying and proactively correcting grammatical and pronunciation errors for a more effective communication.

I look forward to having fruitful discussions with you in one of my classes and I am hopeful that your learning will take you closer to your goals.
特 徴
  • 講師歴5年以上
  • 高校教師
  • 聞き上手
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私自身の初回で、ネット接続を手こずってしまいましたが待っていてくれ感謝です。これからBest Teacher で学習する意欲をわかせてもらった、楽しいレッスンでした。
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