Tatenda Donhorere 講師
年 齢
32 歳
経 歴
I am a chemical engineer currently lecturing at college in South Africa
I am a Chemical Engineer with experience in thermal power generation, edible oils and soap manufacturing/refining. I was once invited as a guest lecturer at a power station training college. Currently I am lecturing engineering in South Africa, offering tutoring services to the same and high school students as well. During my undergraduate studies I used to work as a relief teacher and tutoring to supplement my fees. I tutored subjects like Mathematics, English, Science among others. I would say teaching is my passion as my parents are teachers. I enjoy watching sports on television or as live. I especially love soccer, tennis and cricket. I also enjoy traveling.
特 徴
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by km
ゆったりとしたペースで授業を進めてくださいました。発音についてとくに "r" の発音を多くの単語を使って教えていただき、勉強になりました。
by Katz