Emina Mehmedovic Jaric 講師
年 齢
37 歳
経 歴
5 years of experience as an Online English teacher.University degree - major Spanish and English
Hi guys! I am Emina from Belgrade, Serbia. I’ve been teaching Japanese students on Skype for more than five years now and this experience was great and made me learn so much about Japan and Japanese culture. I look forward to learning more. Also, I had the chance to know what some of the problems Japanese students have with learning English are. I’ve helped many students and I hope I can help you too.
I am very into watching American and British TV series, movies, documentaries. I can’t wait to meet you and practice your English conversation skills!
オンラインでの講師歴5年の Emina講師です。日本人への講師経験が豊富なので、安心してご受講いただけるかと思います。また一児の母で子育てにも奮闘している毎日です!優しい雰囲気でしっかり説明してくれます。
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