Sharon Chan-piu 講師
年 齢
34 歳
経 歴
I work as an online English tutor and I have a Culinary Arts Degree and studied Media at university
My name is Sharon, I'm a TESOL certified online English tutor who loves reading, meeting new people, cooking, thus my Culinary Arts certificate, and who has a passion for all things fun.
I studied Media and English Literature at university and I find my world is improved when I have an open mind, a willingness to learn and when I challenge myself.

I take great pride in knowing that my studentes are happy with my services, have learned and grown from our classes and have improved their English skills. I always work hard to achieve their English speaking goals and do trust that I shall be able to help you to get to where you want your skills to be.
特 徴
  • TESOL(多言語話者に対する英語教授法)修了
  • 英語・英文学専攻
  • 優しさ全開