Jezebel Olsim 講師
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45 歳
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Online English Tutor - 6 yearsNurse - 10 years
Hello there! My name is Jasmine but I prefer to be called Jaz. I am 43 years old but a lot of my students say I look and sound younger than my age. The reason to that is because, I try to enjoy life to the fullest. I see humor in every situation or aspect of life. I believe that we can relieve stress by looking at things in a better perspective or point of view.

I have been teaching English to different nationalities in various settings. I have taught Cambodians, Vietnamese, Koreans, and Thai learners for past 8 (eight) years both online and offline. I help clients prepare for the IELTS test too. I got a good score myself when I took the same exam. I had to use and employ different strategies and techniques. That is what I wish to impart to other test-takers.

 I am a graduate of Computer Science and Nursing. I am a registered nurse and a programmer. I love traveling. I have been to some Asian countries and have learned bits and pieces here and there. I’m looking forward to practicing English with you. I am sure we can find a common ground to master the language. I hope to see you then in my class.
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