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TESOL certified. I've been teaching for 10 years. 7 years online and 3 years for a classroom set up
Hi, students! My name is teacher Cess. I'm 29 years old and I just came back to the Philippines after 3 years of living and teaching in Doha, Qatar. Yes, that's right! I was a teacher in the middle east for 3 years and I just came back to take my TESOL Certification under the American TESOL Institute which I successfully finished last June 26.

Before I left for Doha in 2016, I was an online English teacher for 7 years in Manila. I taught Koreans, Chinese and Japanese students. I also worked in an IELTS review center where I taught students from Turkey and Azerbaijan. I loved teaching both kids and adults but since I've always had this child-like personality in me, I enjoyed teaching kids the most. According to my students and superiors, I am perky, energetic and very patient which I think is crutial especially if you are teaching kids. My strengths in teaching, well, aside from being knowledgeable in the technical aspects such as strategies and methodologies, would be my enthusiasm in teaching. I can still remember back then when I was teaching in Manila, I would always get commended by my bosses for being so enthusiastic in class. The reason for that, maybe, is because I never looked at teaching as a job but a hobby that I do in a very professional way. When we do our hobbies, we don't get tired, we don't bored because that's what we like, that's what we enjoy doing and that's what makes us happy.

Speaking of hobbies. My hobby or should I say my addiction, is traveling. I have been an independent traveler and a couch surfer for 10 years now. I started discovering the beautiful islands of the Philippines in 2009 then had my first out-of-the-country trip in 2014. 'Til I first set foot in the middle east in 2016 then traveled across Europe. This year, I did my "51-day-7-nation-tour" from April 11 til May 23, which, like what you heard, I visited 7 countries for 51 days for 1000 dollars. And that 1000 dollars means air tickets, accommodation, food, transportation around the cities and souveneirs of course. We can't go home without souveneirs. I'm not kidding. Everything was included in 1000 dollars.

So guys I'm so excited to have you in my classes. I'm confident that I'm going to enjoy teaching right in the comfort of my newly-built house. See you soon guys and have a wonderful day ahead. Once again, my name is teacher Cess. Thank you!
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