Nina Ivanovic 講師
年 齢
21 歳
経 歴
A private tutor currently enrolled at the University of Pharmacy, majoring in medical biochemistry.
Hi dear friends.
My name is Nina and I hope to become your tutor. Currently, I am tutoring children from my neighboorhood in English, Maths, Chemistry and Physics. I am looking to expand my horizons and meet new wonderful people. In case you wanted to know a little more about me: I enjoy long walks, solving crosswords + watching movies and sitcoms. I have always loved spending time/working with children (I worked at a children's play center). I hope this short depiction of me will spark an interest in you and you will contact me.
特 徴
  • Kids指導経験あり
  • 聞き上手
  • スポーツ好き