Dejan Rankovic 講師
年 齢
25 歳
経 歴
Finishing Master's student at WU Vienna, Austria, previously Bocconi, Italy (both taught in English)
Greetings! My name is Dejan and I am a finishing Master's student at WU Vienna. I am studying Business strategy, and previously I've got a Bachelor's degree in International management from Bocconi University in Milan (both taught in English).
English has been my second language for the most of my life, and I possess a Cambridge ESOL CAE certificate. I have held private classes in general and business English for my fellow students for almost 3 years now. Business English is, however, my main field, thus I am fully capable of explaining any kind of Management/Finance/Economics model in perfect English, as well as general and specific business terminology.
My knowledge of Japanese is very basic, most of it comes from reading manga and watching anime, but I am pretty confident that I understand simple sentences and cultural traits of Japan.
I am very pleased to meet you!
特 徴
  • ビジネス英語
  • 経済学専攻
  • 違う表現を教えてくれる