Phoebe Penol 講師
年 齢
30 歳
経 歴
I used to teach as an online English tutor.
Hi everyone!

I'm Phoebe. I am 27 years old. I take interest in reading online news articles, surfing the Internet, watching movies and soap operas. I also like to travel to the beach because I love swimming even though I am not really good at it. I can play the guitar a little and I would really want to learn how to play the piano. Singing is my stress reliever. I am a fan of reality talent show "The Voice".

I have never been abroad but Brazil, South Korea, Thailand and Japan are on my top list. If I get the opportunity, I would also like to visit China to see the Great Wall, Forbidden city and the Terracota Army with my own eyes. I'm also fascinated by Juizhaigo located in Sichuan province so I will make sure to have a tour there someday.

I have nearly 10 years of experience in the online teaching industry. So far, I have taught Koreans and Chinese learners. I find pleasure in teaching because I don't just share and impart knowledge but I also gain a lot of things from my students while exchanging views with them. What's more is that the feeling of sense of achievement I receive when my students' skills improve is truly priceless.

Join my class and experience an interesting, interactive and worthwhile lesson. See you all.
10年オンラインで英会話を教えてきたベテランの講師で、TEFL(外国語としての英語教授法を修了しています。TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTSなども教えてきましたので、試験対策をしたい方にもオススメの講師です。レッスン前には必ず準備をして、どんな質問にも対応できるようにしてくれるので、何でも聞いてください。日本人の英語学習者についてもよく調べている、勉強家でもあります。コナン、ワンピース、ナルトなどの日本のアニメが好きで、新しい漫画が出るのを楽しみにしているそうです。
特 徴
  • TOEIC SW対策
  • TOEFL iBT対策
by Nao
毎回必要としている内容の英語でレッスンを進めてくれます。レッスン後の先生からのコメントにはレッスン中での単語の意味やその例文を丁寧にまとめてくれていて感動します。復習する際にとても役にたっています。She is absolutely an excellent teacher!
by Keity
by あみ
by masayan
by mori
Her lesson was great overall. She helped me correct my mistake in accent and vocabulary and find other phrases to use.
by yuki
by ak
by まさやん
by Hanz