Teodora Jandric 講師
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Certified ESL TeacherOnline English TutorMaster's degree in English Language Teaching
Hello, I am Teodora, a certified ESL teacher with more than 6 years of teaching experience both in traditional classroom settings and online. I hold a Master's degree in English Language Teaching and Literature, as well as a TESOL certificate. I have taught numerous Asian students and very much enjoyed learning about new cultures. I enjoy teaching both juniors and adults. It is my mission to deliver dynamic and versatile classes tailored to suit individual needs of my students. I tend to provide an engaging and stress-free learning atmosphere where students are encouraged and motivated to participate and contribute their ideas to the class. I make sure proper feedback is given to students in the form of encouraging advice on what to work on in order to improve their language skills. Mistakes are never frowned upon, as they are viewed as an integral part of any learning. I strongly believe that when one person teaches two people learn, which is why each class held is a new opportunity to teach and learn something new.
Apart from being and English teacher, I am also a Spanish teacher as well as a fitness instructor. I enjoy all kinds of sports and tend to do them as much as possible in my free time.
I can't wait to start teaching you and learning from you. I am sure we will make a great team.
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