Lesley Wayire 講師
年 齢
28 歳
経 歴
l am currently working as an environmental analyst.A geogragher by profession.
l am a lady of high integrity with a great passion in learning and teaching languages especially the english language. Proficient in mandarin, english, zulu and other african native languages. Have tutored english classes part time to ADP and second year chineese,Nigerean and other national(s) students at my university (Monash South Africa) whilst conducting my bachelors degree studies. After graduating in 2014 l also took up english classes at a local university to help improve english language command to students at Goldridge college. l have also worked part time as a proof reader at lingua SA, my duties where to make sure all spellings where correct and to make sure there would be no or at least minimal gramatical errors in all reports made by the company. l enjoy reading, watching movies,tennis and swimming.
ジンバブエの大学院生ウェスリー講師です。南アフリカの大学で、3年間、外国人の学生に英語を教えていた経験があります。その際に、生徒の英語の上達を見ることができ、英語を教えるのをとても好きになったそうです。現在はMBAを専攻し、ビジネスの勉強をしています。趣味は小説を読むことで好きな小説は’Dream girl’だそうです。
特 徴
  • ビジネス英語
  • 英語漬けの人生