Mina Zahn 講師
年 齢
34 歳
経 歴
English Teacher. I've worked in an online English school (Eeikaiwa) for 2 years. Presently, I am offerring private English lessons/tutorial to German students.
Do you have a hard time expressing yourself in English or do you have difficulty in communicating with English speakers? Do you want to enhance your English skills and speak the language like a pro? Well, I'm here to help you. My name is Mina Zahn. You can call me Teacher Mina. I'm 30 years old and presently living in Germany. I've been teaching English for 3 years now. I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literature from the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Philippines. I've also recently completed my cetificate in TEFL ( Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from a prominent language school in the UK. I have a great passion for teaching English. It is my goal to help my students improve their communication skills. Seeing them achieving their dreams and being successful in their respective careers is really a great joy for me as a teacher. I love to travel and read books. Traveling and reading a lot of literature broadened my horizon and gave me a different perspective about life. More than that, it helped me a lot in teaching English to my students in a more practical and real-life context. I teach Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Writing, Daily Conversation, and Business English. I can handle beginners, intermediates and advanced learners. I have a great respect for Japanese students because they are very polite, hardworking and diligent in their studies. Furthermore, teaching English to Japanese students offers me glimpses of their amazing culture, which has been always so fascinating to me as I grew up watching Japanese animations and films. In my class, I always set a friendly atmosphere and I make it a point to encourage my students to learn and actively participate in the lesson. Learning a language is easy if we put our heart into it and of course, extend a little bit our patience. We can work together in improving your English skills and see the world open more doors of opportunities for you. Hope to see you in my class!
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