Sanja Boskovic 講師
年 齢
33 歳
経 歴
University of Philology. Professor of English language and literature.
Hello everyone, I am teacher Sanja. I live in Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia. I hold a Master’s Degree in the English language and have extensive experience in teaching foreign students. My teaching career started during my studies when I was engaged in classes with kindergarten children. Participating in the exchange students’ program and traveling the USA contributed to my overall knowledge of the English language and the culture of the American people. In 2014 I joined Best Teacher and have been tutoring here since then. In addition, I worked as an English teacher with many students with different cultural backgrounds, levels, and ages. I conduct private lessons for foreign students and those from my country using online platforms. This enables me to express my creativity through planning the lesson materials and making a comfortable atmosphere while teaching, so students can get more time to speak and level up their abilities. Being a very passionate and creative teacher helps me focus on tailoring my lessons to students’ needs. Extra materials that I provide to students who work on improving specific skills or preparing for the test proved to be very useful for them. If you are looking for a teacher who will help you improve your English skills, prepare you for an English test (TOEIC, TEFL, IELTS), or have a free-talk-based lesson, I will be glad if you select me. I can’t wait to meet you! See you in the class!
特 徴
  • 講師歴5年以上
  • TOEIC SW対策
  • IELTS対策
by E
by Sarah
by yuki
by Sarah
TOEIC S&Wに即したレッスンをしてくださいました。私の英語が全然だめだったのですが、先生のおかげでモチベーションがあがりました。
by Yuka
by はち
by syu
何度かつまりながら話しましたが、待っていてくれましたし相槌を打ってくれて、テンポよく会話をすることができました。とても有意義でした!I want to take her lesson again:):)
by Yukiko
Thank you Ms. Sanja, I had a great time with your speaking lesson!
I took her lesson for the first time. She gave me a lot of extra materials and suggestions to improve my speaking skill. I'd like to study with her again:)
by Aya
I appreciate Ms.Sanja for my first Speaking lesson, which was great time. She explained that the system of BestTeacher and gave some useful tips to improve my English ability.
by 匿名