Bosnia and Herzegovina
Amela Vejzovic 講師
年 齢
34 歳
経 歴
a student of law, teacher of Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian/English and German.
My name is Amela and I come from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am a 25 year old student of law, economics and politics and international relations at the University of Sarajevo and London School of Economics. As I am working on part-time basis as a real estate agent I combine jobs with my studies and I often travel mainly to Europe. In my free time I am also an assistant cook, tourist guide, graphic designer and a journalist depending from projects. I still have not had an opportunity to visit Japan but am interested in studying Japanese as it is a quite a rare skill to know Japanese in my country. For the last six years I have been teaching Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian to foreigners and English and German to locals at the local school for languages and I hold CELTA certificate while preparing for TESOL exam. I am sure that our lessons will be enjoyable and interactive as I am also interested in learning from you
特 徴
  • CELTA資格取得
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