【GE Introductory】包括性(排他的ではない)について述べなさい。【Spring Term】

Talk about inclusivity.
Have you ever been an outsider who was welcomed into a new friend group? Have you ever welcomed someone new into your circle?
  • outsider()
  • imposter()
  • invasive()
  • inclusion()
  • acceptance(受け入れ)
  • I felt like an imposter, like I didn't belong there at all.()
  • It seems like inclusive groups [work well together / don't work well together].()
  • I think that it is a good thing for my friend group to be very [inclusive / exclusive]. ()
  • What are the pros and cons of having an inclusive workplace?()
  • Many people believe that inclusivity is important. However, it can be very challenging to include everyone! How hard do you think we should try to be inclusive?()


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