【GE Introductory】合理的な恐怖と非合理的な恐怖を比較、対比しなさい。【Spring Term】

Compare and contrast rational and irrational fears.
Are you afraid of snakes, spiders, or other animals?
  • rational()
  • irrational()
  • evolutionary()
  • phobia()
  • pathological()
  • I am very afraid of〜.()
  • It seems irrational, but my [friend / sibling / teacher] is very afraid of〜.()
  • I completely understand being afraid of 〜, it must be how our ancestors stayed safe! ()
  • Do you think it is rational or irrational to be afraid of〜?()
  • Some people suggest that humans are afraid of heights because of evolution. Do you agree?()


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