Talking about increasing sales
Mr. Tanaka, did you want to speak with us?
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Mr. Tanaka, did you want to speak with us?

Hello, thank you for joining this meeting. I am Tanaka in charge of customer experience activity. Today we would like to discuss how to get the customer voice on your country. As global, we go through implementing quick survey to the customer, and most of countries have already introduced this survey system.
Let me explain this quick survey system and merit.


Hello, thank you for joining this meeting. I am Tanaka, in charge of customer experience activities. Today, we would like to discuss how to get customer feedback in your country. As a global company, we implement a quick survey system to gather this feedback, and most _ countries have already introduced this survey system. Let me explain this quick survey system and its merits.

1. 3. Don't forget to add a comma after an introductory word or phrase.
2. Do use the plural noun as a general reference to such activities.
4. I understand what you mean. Here's the proper term you were looking for.
5. To modify the noun "country", please opt for "in" instead.
6. The previous phrase is incomplete and unclear, so I assume this is what you meant to say.
7. You could use the verb "Implement" directly to express what you mean in this case.
8. It seems that you are referring to one particular survey system, not just the survey, as you would later say "this survey system".
9. There are no specific countries mentioned before, so I don't recommend the use of "of" in this case.
10. If there's more than just one merit, I suggest using the plural noun.
I got that. We are actually glad to hear your explanation about the survey. We are all ears. Where would you like to start?

Thank you for your understanding.
First, let me explain the current survey system. Our company implemented math survey from now. It means that the current method is to send the survey after 1 month when the customer received our service. Especially, the survey does not send all customer but send the randomly.


Thank you for your understanding.
First, let me explain the current survey system. Our company implemented a math-based survey system _. It means that we send the survey to customers one month after they have received our service. However, not all customers receive the survey. We send it randomly.

1. Do you mean that it's a survey about math (a math survey) or a survey using a mathematical system? Since it's unclear, I assume the latter one.
2. You used the past tense "implemented", but "for now" is referring to the present. To avoid confusion, I recommend omitting it for consistency.
3. I think "We send" is much better to show who does the action more clearly and precisely.
4. 6. I understand what you mean. I rephrased these sentences to convey the right message.
* Please take note that it is you (the company), not the survey, that does the act of sending. The survey is the object that you send randomly to customers.
5. Use "however" instead of "especially" if you intend to correct or contradict your previous statement.
I got it. Distributing surveys randomly sounds like a good idea. What does the survey entail, by the way?

This survey name is Local Diagnostic survey. Randomly sounds like a good however, it means we cannot get the comment from all customers, so we developed quick survey for all customers.
This quick survey is sent to all customers and number of this questionnaires are few, within 5 questions. This survey can answer easily.


This survey is called Local Diagnostic Survey. While sending it randomly seems like a good approach, it means we cannot receive feedback from all customers. Therefore, we developed a quick survey that is sent to all customers. This quick survey is comprised of no more than five questions. This survey can be easily answered.

1. To introduce its name, you could say "... is named" or "... is called".
2. If it's meant to indicate a special term or name, please use capital S (the same goes for "Local Diagnostic").
3. Simply "a good ..." is unclear. Please note that "a" is typically used to modify singular indefinite nouns, but "good" is an adjective.
* So we need to assign a suitable noun to take on "a". Either a good idea or a good approach" is worth considering.
4. The original sentence is too long. I suggest splitting it into two for better clarity.
5. "Survey" is a singular noun in this case. You need "a" to reaffirm that. A quick survey = One quick survey.
6. It should be "to" instead of "for" because the survey is not a gift in this case.
7. Do you mean that there are a maximum of 5 questions per survey?
8. Passive Voice should be applied here because this survey cannot do the act of "answering". This survey is an object that cannot move or make sounds.
* The basic structure for Passive Voice is Subject + (be) + a past participle verb. For example, the ball is kicked, a letter is written, ... etc.
You are so smart for thinking about that. I actually haven't seen the survey in actual. Can you share what those five questions are?

One of the question is overall satisfaction. This question can be measured our service quality and verbatim makes us understand what customer feel about our service.
This comment is important information because we can see the customer exact feeling.


One of the questions is about the customer's overall satisfaction. This question helps us to measure our service quality, and the verbatim comments help us to understand how the customer feels about our service. This information is important because we can see the customer's exact feelings.

1. "One of ..." means that you have more than one question. This is why it should be followed by a plural noun.
2. Whose satisfaction? This ought to be indicated more clearly.
3. I believe you mean the question is helpful for you.
4. Use "the" when referring to something very specific or mentioned before. In this case, this verbatim is related to the survey system you've been talking about.
5. Instead of "Make", I suggest using "help" to emphasize how helpful it is.
6. The subject "customer" is a singular noun, so your verb needs to be singular too (with "s").
7. I think this way of speaking is more concise and efficient.
8. Do make use of 's to indicate association or ownership. In this case, you mean feelings that belong to the customer.
9. I suggest the plural noun to depict the customer's feelings in general.
I believe so. I would like to see some of the survey results. Can you share with me some of the copies of the survey via email?

Sure. After analyzing the survey result, I will share with you. The analysis result will be useful for improving our service. Real comment would be realized our business improvement point that's why we should monitor our customer's comment.


Sure. After analyzing the survey results, I will share them with you. The analysis _ will be useful for improving our service. Real customer feedback can help us identify areas for improvement. That's why we should monitor our customers' comments.

1. 6. 7. Please use the plural nouns as a general reference to your target subject matter. For example, cats are adorable (this is referring to all cats, not just one cat).
2. I believe you mean you will share the results with your teacher.
3. The analysis is good enough to refer to your work of analyzing the survey results.
4. By "comments", I think you mean customer feedback. It's not just any comments.
5. Do you mean that real feedback can help to improve your business?
  • incentive(インセンティブ、やる気、動機)
  • promotion(昇進、昇給)
  • campaign(組織的運動、キャンペーン)
  • phase(段階)
  • bonus(ボーナス、賞与、特別手当)
  • quota(分配高、定数、ノルマ)
  • impetus(推進力)
  • performance(実績、功績)
  • advancement(昇進、向上、進歩)
  • objective((名)目標、(形)目的の、客観的な)
  • We are offering incentives for increased sales.(売上増加に伴うインセンティブを提供しています。)
  • Here is your bonus for meeting our sales quota.(販売ノルマを達成した際のボーナスです。)
  • We're hoping our offer will provide the impetus needed for more sales.(私たちの提案がさらなる営業の推進力となりますように。)
  • The recent numbers have accounted for seasonal variations.(最近の数字は、季節の変動を考慮しています。)
  • There has been quite a positive response to this introductory offer.(このキャンペーンには多くの反響がありました。)
  • The introduction of performance-based bonuses has resulted in an increase in productivity.(業績連動型のボーナスを導入したことで、生産性が向上しました。)
  • It's our first attempt, but we are setting our sights high.(初めての試みですが、目標は高く設定しています。)
  • It's ok to think big, but also try to be realistic in your goal setting.(大きなことを考えるのはいいのですが、現実的な目標設定をするようにしましょう。)
  • She inspired an entire generation of young minds to reach for the stars.(彼女は高望みをするようにと、若い世代の心に影響を与えました。)
  • What kind of support do you need in order to increase sales?(売上を伸ばすためには、どのようなサポートが必要なのでしょうか?)


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