Apologizing for spilling beer
Oh! Watch out!
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Oh! Watch out!

I am sorry.Do you feel that I drunk too much ? Always ,I don't spilit beer, what't the matter with me ? It is likely that I am tired.


I am sorry. Do you think I drank too much? I never spill beer. What's the matter with me? I must be tired.

Give me some napkins, it is all over my smart phone... Do you think it will be all right? How many beers did you drink today?

Thank you so much.but does your smart phone got wed ? Is it alright? It is indiscretion that I have drunk 7 bottles of beer. Always ,my wife appointed not to drink too much today. Could you advise me to stop to drink beer timely ?


Thank you so much. Did your smart phone get wet? Is it alright? I think I have had like 7 beers. My wife always tells me not to drink so much

It seems alright. I think water just splashed it, but it will be fine. Seven beers?! That's already too much. Are you feeling sick?

I am very relived. So,sometimes I drunk 7 bottles of beer, but recently it is more weak to drink,I think. I am feeling not bad. Thank you for concerning. It's important for me to decide the amount of drink in advance. The best amount are 3 bottle of liqur.


I am relieved to hear that. Sometimes I drink 7 beers, but recently I can't drink so much. I am not feeling bad. Thank you for your concern. I need to set a limit before I start drinking3 bottles of liquor is a good amount.

I think you should drink less. It is not smart to drink so much because alcohol affects our thinking and our motor functions. We can accidentally do something bad or say something inappropriate when we are affected by alcohol. You are lucky I'm your old client. Had this happened with a new client, you probably wouldn't have seen that person again.

Exactly! Your opinion meet me. In the meanwhile, I am willing to drink water only and lead to relieved. By drinking water positively, it is impossible to drink liquor. Also, it's important for me to have client drinking, not myself drinking.


You are right. I agree. I think I'll just drink water

You have a point there. Okay, now can you tell me where I can find the nearest dry cleaning? I have to have my shirt cleaned. It reeks of beer!

Ok. I have bring you to dry cleaning shop, let' go.


Okay. I will take you to the closest dry cleaners. Let's go.

  • misdeed(悪行、悪事)
  • indiscretion(軽率な言動)
  • unintentional(故意でない)
  • inappropriate(不適切な、まずい)
  • reciprocation(仕返し、交換)
  • humility(謙虚、謙遜、卑下)
  • remorse(深い後悔)
  • conduct((名)品行、日頃の行い、(動)導く)
  • mitigating(〔罪などを〕軽減する、緩和する)
  • compensation(償い、埋め合わせ)
  • I don't have any excuses, but may I offer an explanation?(言いわけはしませんが、説明はさせていただけますか?)
  • mitigating circumstances(軽減事由)
  • It won't happen again.(二度と起こりません。)
  • Let me be the first to apologize.(まず私から謝罪させてください。)
  • I promise that this will never happen again.(今後一切このようなことがないようにいたします。)
  • What can I do to make it up to you?(お詫びとして私に何ができるでしょうか?)
  • I'm sorry.(申し訳ございません。)
  • Please forgive me.(どうか許してください。)
  • Sorry about that.((それについては)すみませんでした。)
  • I would like to apologize on behalf of my team.(私のチーム(部)を代表して謝ります。)


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  • 中級
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