Celebrating your co-worker's birthday
Happy birthday! や Congratulations! のような「おめでとう」の言葉以外にも、お祝い事のときに使用するフレーズはたくさんあるので、様々の表現方法を学びましょう。
What a surprise! Thank you!
Best Teacherで実際に行われている直近のWritingレッスンです。
What a surprise! Thank you!

Happy birthday to Karen, Congratulations!
This is a birthday gift for you from us.
I hope you like your gift.


Happy birthday Karen. Congratulations! This is a birthday gift from us. I hope you like your gift.

1. If you are talking to Karen, then the preposition 'to' is not needed.
2. Capitalized after a period or at the beginning of a sentence.
3. It can be implied who the gift is for.
Well, I simply love it but I'm so surprised. I didn't expect this at all! How did you know that it was my birthday?

What's that.
But you know I heard that from you.

Do you hold your birthday party tonight?


What's that? You told meIs your birthday party tonight?

1. Every question must end in a question mark (?).
2, 3. This is an alternative expression/wording.
Well, I really am overwhelmed. Did you all chip in for this gift? To be honest, I really didn't have any plans for my birthday.

Yes. but please it is not feel.
To be honest, we are helped from you.


No need to thank us. We owe you so much.

1. This is a more natural wording.
I'm sorry. How have I helped you? Did you feel obligated to give me a present? I'm very grateful, though.

You teaches various jobs to me everyday.
I'm growing up by to your help now.
Of course, it isn't just me, same group everyone.


You teach me so much every day. I've grown thanks to you. Of course, it isn't just me, everybody feels that way.

1. This is a more natural wording.
  1.1. 'Everyday' is an adjective we use to describe something that’s seen or used every day. It means 'ordinary' or 'typical.' 'Every day' is a phrase that simply means 'each day.’
  1.2. We use the present perfect to talk about time up to now. [have/has + past participle]
Oh, thank you, guys. I feel very honored to share my practices to help both you and the company. Moreover, you all have given me support as well, we are a good team. So let's eat and appreciate each other, cheers. Now, I have decided to throw the party, would you all like to come?

Well, Thank you so much.
Yes.Let's have fun tonight.


Well, Thank you so much. 
Yes. Let's have fun tonight.

1. Great! Enjoy your Skype lesson.
  • overwhelmed(圧倒された)
  • grateful((形)感謝する、恐縮する)
  • appreciative(感謝している)
  • honored(光栄に思って)
  • festivity(祝いの催し)
  • decor(飾り付け、装飾品)
  • mum((名)無言、(形)黙っている)
  • celebrate(祝う、記念する)
  • commemoration(記念すること、記念式典)
  • secretive(内緒の)
  • We hope you like your presents.(どうかプレゼントを気に入ってくれますように。)
  • We wanted to surprise you because you've been working so hard lately.(最近とてもよく働いているあなたを驚かせたかったんです。)
  • How do you look so young?(なんでそんなに若く見えるの?(とても若く見えますね))
  • It was very difficult to keep this a secret for so long.(長い間、これを秘密にしているのがとても難しかったです。)
  • Did you have any suspicions about us planning this surprise party for you?(あなたへのサプライズパーティを計画していたこと、何か気付いてた?)
  • Where do you want to celebrate your birthday after work today?(今日の仕事が終わったら、どこでお誕生日祝いしたい?)
  • We all chipped in to buy you this birthday gift.(あなたの誕生日プレゼントのために私たちみんなでお金を出し合いました。)
  • How many candles should we put on your cake?(あなたのケーキにろうそく何本立てましょうか?)
  • We are all so honored to have you on our team.(あなたが私たちのチームにいて、私たち皆光栄に思っています。)
  • This is the best birthday party that I've ever been to.(今までで一番素敵なお誕生日パーティーです。)


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