Asking where the restroom is
Yes? What can I do for you?
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Yes? What can I do for you?

May I ask, where is the rest room?


May I ask, where is the restroom?

1. Correct spelling. This is redundant.
Sure! The ladies' restroom is on the first floor of this restaurant and the getlemen's restroom is on the second floor of this building

Thank you. I will go there. (few minutes later) Excuse me. The restroom doesn't work because the toilet is full of bath tissue. I think that someone did such bad behavior.


Thank you. I will go there. (a few minutes later) Excuse me. The restroom doesn't work because the toilet is full of tissues. I can't believe someone behaved so badly. 

1. The full expression.
2. I believe this is what you wanted to say here.
I am sorry to hear. I will have someone unclog the toilet immediately. (5 minutes later). I regret to tell you that the gentlemen's restroom is out of order due to the fact that someone threw a diaper in the toilet. I do apologize for this inconvenience. However, there is another restroom you may use. It is next to the kitchen.

Oh, really? What a insane person there is. I am ashamed as same as a father. Anyway, I have go the restroom. I am desperate to pee. Sorry, it's dirty words.


Oh, really? I can't believe someone would do such a thing. Thank you, I will rush to the restroom immediately. 

1. A more natural way to convey your idea here. We don't go into such details regarding this topic, especially when we talk with people we see for the first time in our lives.
Do not worry. Have you tried to go to another toilet on the first level? You may even go to another place if it is so urgent...

I wiil be there. (5 minutes later) By the way, have you ever happend such an incident before? I can't stand the person who behave rude. A rest room is public property therefore, we have to use them with care.


Have you had similar incidents in the past? 
A restroom is a public property therefore, we have to use it with care.

1. Rephrased to sound clear and understandable.
2. Rephrased to sound completely clear and natural.
It happens sometimes, but rarely. A lot of tourists use our toilets without being our costumers. Therefore, it is hard to control how people behave.

I see. I am compassioned your situation. We have to recognise someone keep cleaness for everything. Honestly, I pretend to be a gentel men but I disposed a daiaper in the toilet. I have to apologize what I did.


I see. I really feel for you. It can't be easy to deal with such situations. I hope it will improve in the future. 

1. I am not sure what you meant with this last part. But even if that's true you shouldn't share such information in public. Rephrased.
  • lavatory(トイレ、洗面所(トイレが設置されている))
  • diaper(おむつ)
  • john((男子用の)便所)
  • queasy(吐き気がする、むかむかする)
  • sanitary((公衆)衛生の、清潔な)
  • toilet(トイレ、化粧室)
  • proximity(隣接)
  • facility(設備、(ある目的のための)場所)
  • dispenser(ディスペンサー(トイレットペーパーなどの取り出し容器))
  • flush((自動詞)〈トイレが〉水洗いされる、(他動詞)〈トイレなど〉を水を流して洗う)
  • Where is the ladies' room?(婦人用トイレはとこですか。)
  • Where is the men's room?(男性用トイレはどこですか。)
  • Where is the powder room?((婦人用の)化粧室はどこですか?)
  • I'll freshen up before dinner.(ディナーの前に一旦さっぱりしてくる。(シャワーを浴びる、化粧を直す等))
  • Can you tell me where the restroom is?(トイレはどこか教えてもらえますか。)
  • Where's the nearest restroom?(一番近いお手洗いはどこでしょうか。)
  • Can I take my toddler son into the women's restroom with me?(うちの息子は幼児なんですが婦人用トイレに連れて行っても良いですか。)
  • Is there a diaper changing station in the restroom?(トイレの中にオムツ替え台はありますか。)
  • Can we have a table in close proximity to the restroom, please?(トイレに隣接している席をお願いできますか。)
  • Can I smoke in the restroom?(トイレでタバコを吸ってもよいですか。)


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