Asking for room service
Hello, this is the front desk. What can I do for you?
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Hello, this is the front desk. What can I do for you?

Hello. This is Megan Smith, room number 715. I want you ask for room service.


Hello. This is Megan Smith, room number 715. I want to ask you for room service.

1. The word "you" should come after the verb, because you are asking the person for room service. Alternatively, you could just say "I would like to order room service", without mentioning anybody.
Certainly, Ms. Smith, how may I be of assistance? Did you want to order a meal or snack, or was there something else?

Yes. I'd like to meals portion. However, I have 2 yeas old daughter, so could you prepare the dish softly? I'd like to eat salad, and I want you chop cucumber and mealie as my daughter's baby food. So, the amount my dish become get fewer, but it's just OK. I want you attach my daughter's dish with mine.


Yes. I'd like two meals portion. However, I have a 2 year old daughter, so could you prepare a separate dish in very small baby size portions? I'd like to eat a salad, and I want you to chop the cucumber and other vegetables as my daughter's baby food. So, the amount in my dish will become smaller, but it's OK. I want you to make my daughter's dish from mine.

1. Add an article (a) before a singular noun like daughter. The correct term is "2 year old daughter".
2. Softly isn't the right word to use here. You need to be more specific by saying that you want the salad in very small pieces or portions.
3. An article is needed before a noun like salad.
4. We want someone "to" do something, so you need to add this preposition.
5. Add "the" because you are referring to something specific in the salad. It is unclear what you mean by "mealie".
6. Add "in" because something is "in" a dish. Add "will" because you are talking about the future. The amount will become smaller, not "fewer".
7. There is no need to say "just" here, as it sounds unnatural.
8. Attach isn't the right word to use, your daughter's dish will be made "from" your salad.
Sure, that's no problem, we can do that for you. What time would you like to have the food delivered to you?

I'd like about 8:00 p.m. By the way, does the baby's tearful sound to next my room? I'm sure to my daughter does not become in a loud voice.


I'd like it at about 8:00 p.m. By the way, is my baby's crying disturbing the next room? I'm sure my daughter isn't loud.

1. You need to add "it" to refer to the food. Add "at" before the time you would like to do something.
2. The grammar and word choice needs to be changed to make this sentence understandable. Babies "cry", so you should refer to your "baby's crying". Crying babies "disturb" or "annoy" other people. "Become in a loud voice" isn't the right phrase to use here, just say that your daughter "isn't loud".
Oh, don't worry about that. I haven't heard any complaints from the room next to yours. It should be okay. Would there be anything else?

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I'd like to cup of tea. I want to sleep well tonight.


Oh, I forgot to tell you. I'd also like a cup of tea. I want to sleep well tonight.

1. Adding "also" is natural, because you have already requested some food and want to order something else as well.
2. Add "a" before a singular noun like "cup of tea".
Sure thing. I'll have the kitchen staff bring you a hot cup of tea, too. Have we taken care of everything?

Yes. Thank you for your service. You were very kind.


Yes, that's all. Thanks a lot for your help. Goodbye.

Good work.
I have written another way to end the conversation.
  • gratuity((やや改まった言い方で)チップ、謝礼)
  • extraordinary((通常とは異なる)途方もない、目立った、特別の)
  • linen(リネン、麻糸、麻布)
  • pressed(アイロンのかかった)
  • sanitize((消毒などにより)衛生的にする)
  • deodorize((部屋・服など)の臭気を除く)
  • additional(追加の、付加的な)
  • extra((形)割増の、(副)余分に、(名)割増料金)
  • valet((ホテルなどでお客の衣服の世話をする)従業員、駐車係)
  • promptly(即座に、素早く)
  • I would like my room to be deodorized before I enter it, please.(部屋に入る前に臭気を除いておいてもらえますか。)
  • Can you send someone to have my bathroom sanitized, please?(バスルームを綺麗にしてくれるように誰か呼んでください。)
  • Can you send the valet up to my room, please?(駐車係を部屋に呼んでくれますか。)
  • I would like to have these shirts cleaned and pressed by tomorrow morning.(明日の朝までにこれらのシャツを洗濯してアイロンをかけてくれますか。)
  • Please accept this gratuity for your extraordinary service.(素晴らしいサービスに対する心付けを受け取ってください。)
  • Can I have some extra linen?(余分のリネンをもらえる?)
  • Would it be possible to send up an additional pillow?(もうひとつ枕を持って来て頂けますか。)
  • I would like breakfast to be sent up promptly at 7:30.(ちょうど7時30分に朝食を持って来て下さい。)
  • I would like to schedule an in-room massage at 8:00 a.m.(8時に室内でのマッサージを予約したい。)
  • Can you restock my refrigerator, please?(冷蔵庫の補充をお願いします。)


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