Making a hotel reservation on the phone
Hello. This is Hotel A. How may I help you?
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Hello. This is Hotel A. How may I help you?

I would like to book a room the end of this month.Do you have room available.


I would like to book a room at the end of this month. Do you have a room available?

1. You should use the preposition 'at' which is used to indicate the position in time.
2. You need an indefinite preposition when you talk about things in general.
I understand. Let me just check. We have several vacancies for the end of this month. What kind of room would you like?

It sounds good. I would like to book a room for family.


It sounds good. I would like to book a room for my family.

1. I am guessing you are booking a room for you and your family, you need to specify that.
Okay, no problem. Can you tell me a date when you will come, and how many family member do you have?

I plan staying on 30th December.And , my family is three including my wife and son.


I plan to arrive on 30th December. Also, we are a family of three.

1. You wanted to say the date you will come to the hotel, you can use the verb 'arrive' for that.
2. Avoid starting your sentences with conjunctions, this a better alternative for 'and'
3. This is a more understandable way of saying the same thing.
That is great sir. I will book your room right away. At what time should we expect you and your family?

Please. I expect to reach there at six .


Please do that. I expect to arrive there at six.

1. You can add this to expand your sentence and explain what you are talking about.
2. Again, 'arrive' is a better choice.
Okay, we will great you at six at our hotel. Do you need something in your room before you come to the hotel?

No,Thanks . I am forward to meeting you.


No, thanks. I am looking forward to meeting you.

1. This is a fixed phrase 'looking forward to meeting you'
  • premium((名)割増料金(形)上等な、高級の)
  • penthouse(ビルの最上階の屋上、ペントハウス)
  • uninterrupted(邪魔されない)
  • exclusive((ホテルなどが)高級な、上流向けの)
  • confirm(確かめる)
  • flexibility(柔軟性、適応性)
  • option(選択、オプション)
  • deluxe(豪華な、デラックスな)
  • suite(特別室、スイートルーム)
  • privacy(プライバシー、秘密にしていること)
  • I'd like to confirm my reservation for May 10.(5月10日の予約を確認したいのですが。)
  • Would it be possible to extend my stay?(長期滞在はできますか。)
  • How flexible are you regarding last minute room changes?(直前に部屋の変更をしたいときは、どのくらい柔軟に対応してもらえますか。)
  • Is the penthouse suite available?(最上階のスイートルームは空いていますか。)
  • I'd like the most private room available, please.(空いている特別室をお願いします。)
  • I need a quiet room where I can have uninterrupted sleep for 12 hours.(12時間邪魔されずに眠れる静かな部屋が必要です。)
  • Please tell me more about your premium service for members.(会員向けの特別サービスについてもっと教えてください。)
  • I'd like to take advantage of the exclusive offer that I saw on your site yesterday.(昨日ネットに掲載されていた特別サービスを利用したいのですが。)
  • How much is the cancellation fee?(キャンセル料はおいくらですか。)
  • Does my room have WiFi?(部屋にはWiFiがついていますか。)


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