Passing through immigration
Passport, please.
Best Teacherで実際に行われている直近のWritingレッスンです。
Passport, please.




1. This is an alternative way to express "yes".
Can you please tell me where are you going? What is your final destination? Can you take your luggage over there?

I go to san diego.
I go to final destination is Los angels.
Yes,I can take my luggage here.


I am going to San Diego. My final destination is Los Angeles.
Yes, I can take my luggage there.

1. Use "am going" to express what is happening now.
2, 4. Capitalize the names of places.
3. Use "my" to identify your destination or something associated with you.
5. Use "there" to refer to a place that is not your location.
Who are you visiting in San Diego? Do have some relatives in Los Angeles? Kindly thank you for helping way with your luggage!

No,I go to sightseeing in San Diego, and Los Angels too.


No, I am going sightseeing in San Diego, and Los Angeles too.

1. The correct expression is "go/going sightseeing".
2. This is the correct spelling.
Sightseeing in San Diego is marvellous! In Los Angeles there are plenty of nightclubs that you can go to! Do you want me to tell you some names of those nightclubs?

I'm sorry.
May be I don't go to nightclubs.
I will go to UCLA,Hollywood,Beverly Hills and Union Station.


I'm sorry. I don't go to nightclubs.
I will go to UCLA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Union Station.

1. Use "may be" to express what you are not sure of.
2. Use a space after a comma.
No problem, lots of people don't like nightclubs and the LA nightlife! What are your expectations? What else do you want to see besides Hollywood and Beverly Hills?

I want to see Los Angeles Angels stadium.


I will like to see Los Angeles Angels stadium.

1. This is another way to express what you "want".
  • checkpoint(検問所、チェックポイント)
  • extension(延長)
  • expired(失効した、期限切れの)
  • fingerprint(指紋)
  • record(s)((動)記録する(名)記録、履歴)
  • queue((名)(人や車などの)待っている列(動)列を作る)
  • paperwork(文書業務、書類仕事)
  • compliance(コンプライアンス、順守)
  • violation(違反行為、妨害)
  • Where will you be staying at while you're here?(こちらに滞在の間はどちらに宿泊予定ですか。)
  • One at a time, please.(ひとりずつお願いします。)
  • Please stand behind the white line.(白線の後ろ側にお立ち下さい。)
  • in transit(乗り継ぎの、通過中の)
  • Will you be needing wheelchair assistance?(車椅子補助が必要でしょうか。)
  • security checkpoint(検問所、セキュリティ・チェックポイント)
  • They don't issue Green Cards easily (グリーンカード(永住ビザ)がなかなか発行されません。)
  • federal violation(連邦法違反)
  • illegal status(違法(の状態))
  • standing in line(列に並ぶ)


  • 日常
  • 中級
  • 空港
  • 手続きする