Talking about your boyfriend or girlfriend
Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?
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Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?

I do not have a girlfriend.


No, I don't have a girlfriend.

1 nothing to correct, 'don't' contraction is most commonly used
I see. Why is that so? Have you ever been in love or you are still looking for the right one? Is it easy for you to meet new girls in your environment?

I am still looking forward to find a good girl, but there is no such kind of environment.


I am still looking forward to finding a nice girl, but I haven't had many opportnities to meet one

1 should use gerund
2 'nice' is most commonly used to describe a person
3 more natural expression, 'environment' sounds unnatural for this situation
I have heard the same sentence from so many young Japanese people of both sexes. What is your definition of a good girl? What do you mean by saying that it is not such a kind of environment? Do you have a good social life?

Any girl is OK as long as I can think she is cute. I do not have a good social life. Every day, I am so busy. I do not have a enough time to look for cute girl.


Any girl is OK as long as   she is cute. I don't have much of a social life. I am so busy every day. I don't have   enough time to look for a cute girl.

1 'I think' is not needed, 'as long as she is cute' means that you will think she is cute so you don't need to say it
2.5. should use contraction
3 better wording, you don't go out much
4 better to put it at the end of sentence
6 article is not needed
7 article needed
Oh, I understand. Maybe you don't meet a lot of new people. Did you have any girlfriends in the past?

I had a girl friend but soon we break up.


I had a girlfriend but we broke up soon after we started going out.

1 should be one word
2 better wording, should use past tense
I suppose you're really focused on your career right now. Do you still find time to go out with some of your friends?

I want to spare a enough time to find the girl but I cannot imagine how much time is necessary. If I could realize it is easy, I may spare time for this purpose.


I want to have enough spare a time to find a girl but I cannot imagine how much time is necessary. If I could realize it is easy, I may find spare time for this purpose.

1. should say 'have time', word order
2 should be indefinite article
3 should add 'find', find time to do something means rearrange your daily schedule to find free time
  • a sweetheart(恋人)
  • not~at all(全く~ない)
  • responsible(責任感のある)
  • a man of ability(有能な人)
  • as for~(~に関して)
  • make peace with~(~と仲直りする)
  • fight(喧嘩する)
  • get along with~(~とうまくやる,仲良くする)
  • My girlfriend has a warm heart but is very opinionated about fashion and often criticizes the way I dress. (私の恋人は優しいのですが,服のことになると彼女はわがままで,私の服装はいつも批判されるんですよ...)
  • My girlfriend and I fight often but always make up at the end.(彼女と私はよく喧嘩するが,最終的には仲直りします。)
  • My first impression of her was bad.(彼女の最初の印象は悪かったです。)
  • He is honest and incapable of lying.(彼は正直な人で絶対に嘘をつけない人です。)
  • He is a man of ability and responsibility. He always takes affectionate care of our dog. (彼は有能で責任感もあります。いつも愛情をもって犬の世話もしてくれます。)
  • She is a local government official in Osaka.(彼女は大阪で公務員をやっています。)


  • 日常
  • 初級
  • 恋愛
  • 留学
  • 家族/友人