Expressing your appreciation for your co-worker's kindness
You are carrying so many things! Let me help you.
Best Teacherで実際に行われている直近のWritingレッスンです。
You are carrying so many things! Let me help you.

Really? I never get such a kinbness word even my parents! Are you an angel?


Thank you so much, you are really an angel.

1. Rephrased to sound completely clear and natural.
Actually, I am not, but I like helping when I have a chance. Where are you carrying those things?

I would like to carry this liquors to heaven. Please take my words literally. This is the day that my friend died for a year. She loved alcoholic drinks very much.


My friend, unfortunately, died a year ago, and she loved to drink. That is why I bought all these drinks. In her honor.

1. Rephrased to sound clear and understandable.
I am sorry for your loss. I understand you miss her but I think she is at peace now. What did your friend die of?

She had died from womb cancer. She was still young that was not reach 50 years old. Sometimes, I remeber drinking scene together with her at Japanese style bar. However, I don't have memory what we talked.


She died from cancer, very young, she wasn't even 50 years old. We had some good times drinking together.

1. Also rephrased to sound completely clear.
This really is a tragedy, I truly am sorry, how long has it been since she passed away?
And do you have anything planned to do today?

It's two years from that day. I don't know where is her grave. Her family didn't hold opened funeral. She was cremation with limited her family. I am going to a bar and remember my memory about her.


It's already been two years. I am not sure about her grave, because she was cremated and they didn't hold a funeral. So I am going to a bar to have a drink in her honor.

1. The clear, precise way to express this idea.
I see. It's the thought of her and prayers are more important. I'm sure wherever your friend is now. she's in a happy place.

I agree with you. Thank you for your beautiful words. Sha would be happy wherever. We wiil meet again in after life. I don't know where is heaven and hell but I believe we are in a life cycle kind of eternal one.


I agree with you. Thank you for your beautiful words. I am sure she is very happy wherever she is now and I am sure we will meet again in a better place. 

1. A more natural way to convey your idea here.
  • handout(配布資料)
  • attendees(出席者)
  • pass(通り過ぎる)
  • accompany(ついていく、伴う、伴奏する)
  • bring ~ down to~(~を下に持って行く、下げる)
  • pretty heavy(とても重い)
  • pile(積み重ねる)
  • What do you have inside?(何が入っているのですか?)
  • do me a favor(お願いを聞く)
  • I don't mind doing you this favor.(君のお願いを聞くのは嫌ではないです。)
  • It's very nice of you to~(~することはとても良い事(親切な事)です。)
  • Where are you heading?(どちらへ向かっているのですか?)
  • is scheduled to~ (~する予定になっている)
  • That really helps me.(本当に助かりました。)


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