The Present Tense
現在形は一般動詞では主語によってあまり形が変わるものではありませんが、「三単現」と呼ばれる形だけは気をつけましょう。 「三人称 (I, you以外)で単数、現在」を表す場合です。 回答例のように主語はHeで三人称(I, You以外)、単数(一人ですね)、現在の話をしています。 また、haveは三単現の場合havesではなくhasですので気を付けましょう。 現在形は状態やくり返し行われる動作を指します。「今」していることを表すには現在進行形を使いましょう。 【回答例】 He plays soccer with his friends. 彼は友達とサッカーして遊ぶ
Please use the present tense.
Best Teacherで実際に行われている直近のWritingレッスンです。
Please use the present tense.

He cleans his teeth with dental floss and an electric toothbrush every morning and night.


He cleans his teeth using dental floss and an electric toothbrush every day, morning and night.

1. Use the gerund form of the verb to refer to a process
2. I added this noun, separating by comma both times of the day
That's impressive. He surely pays great attention to his dental health!
I have never used an electric toothbrush before. Is it far much better than a regular toothbrush?

I think the electric toothbrush is much better than a regular toothbrush as stain is removed easily by using it.


I think the electric toothbrush is much better than a regular toothbrush as stains are removed easily while using it.

1. Use the plural form when talking about nouns in general, not being specific
2. Adverb meaning, "during which"
Is that so? I will buy one the next time I go shopping then.
Do you use an electric toothbrush? Also, how often do you floss your teeth?

Yes, I use it everyday. I sometimes use the floss but not much recently.


Yes, I use one every day. I sometimes use _ floss but not so often recently.

1. Use the noun 'one' to avoid referring to a specific one
2. Adjective (two words), meaning happening or used every day; daily.
3. Since 'floss' is acting as uncountable don't use the definite article 'the'
4. Better adverb suggestion to refer to a frequency
  • study(勉強する)
  • go to ~(〜へ行く)
  • wake up(起床する)
  • play(演奏する)
  • know(知っている)
  • She attends ABC University in America.(彼女はアメリカのABC大学に通っています。)
  • My mother wakes up at 6 o'clock every day.(私の母は毎朝6時に起床します。)
  • He studies very hard.(彼は一生懸命勉強します。)
  • I often play the guitar in my room on Sundays.(日曜日はよく自分の部屋でギターを弾きます。)
  • I know him.(私は彼を知っています。)


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