Sekai Marara 講師
年 齢
30 歳
経 歴
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Technology. I worked as a Fuel Analyst from 2015- 2017. I worked as a part-time English tutor from 2017- 2019.
Hello Students,

My name is Sekai Marara, I am a TESOL certified teacher. I have taught English in a classroom setup from 2017 to 2019.I have been teaching online since March 2020. I am very passionate about teaching and receiving great feedback from my students gives me so much joy. I use a communicative approach to teaching language. I have experience with beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

My hobbies are traveling the world and learning new languages and cultures. I understand the difficulty in learning a new language and that makes me a very patient and understanding tutor. I always aim at learning at least two new languages each year. I hope I will enjoy learning a bit of your language too. I cannot wait to meet you in class. See you then!
特 徴
  • 初心者向け
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