Jennifer Jacildo 講師
年 齢
39 歳
経 歴
EFL instructor for 13 years specializing in Business English and testing preparations.
I was an EFL instructor for 13 years at a language institution in Thailand before moving to the US. I was mostly teaching Japanese expats, Thai high school and university students, and corporate people with different levels of language proficiency. I specialize in teaching different areas of Business English especially presentation and negotiation, in addition to testing preparation such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. I believe in the effectiveness of total immersion hence the exclusive use of the English language for instruction. Nevertheless, I still manage to make my lessons fun and interactive while helping the students achieve their language goals.
特 徴
  • 講師歴5年以上
  • TOEIC SW対策
  • IELTS対策