Bosnia and Herzegovina
Aladin Sinanovic 講師
年 齢
33 歳
経 歴
English language teacher. Master's degree in English language, literature & education.
Hard-working and enthusiastic teacher with over 6 years of experience working with students of various backgrounds, backed up by a Master's degree in English language, literature and education, and a high grade point average. Trained and skilled in various methods of teaching but also driven to learn about and try other educational philosophies and approaches. Adept in following lesson plans and fostering a classroom environment conducive to learning. Malleable and easily adaptable while at the same time using my own background, knowledge and experience to enrich the experience shared by the students and myself.

I am here for you; whether you want a college level detailed explanation of corpus linguistics or syntax branching, a high school lesson on sequence of tenses, an elementary introduction into present simple tense, or just to talk about various past and current events, hobbies, literature, music, video games or whatever you fancy.
特 徴
  • 英語漬けの人生
  • 英語・英文学専攻
  • 高校教師