Netherlands (Holland, Europe)
Rob Jansen 講師
年 齢
36 歳
経 歴
Master in Transportation Science
Hello! My name is Rob Jansen, I'm 26 years old and I live in The Netherlands, Europe. I'm a certified TEFL teacher and would love to help you improve your English! I've studied Japanese myself for a few months in Fukuoka, Japan and during this time I realized many Japanese people struggle with English. Ever since, it has become one of my life goals to help Japanese people improving their English skills as much as I can. I believe English to be one of the crucial skills everyone should possess. Being able to communicate with people all over the world is one of the greatest things there is. I'm very grateful my home country placed such a high emphasis on learning English and because I learned English myself in the past I know what kind of problems you might have while learning. Therefore I hope you choose me as your teacher and I will do my utter best to help you as much as I can! Together we can realize your goal of becoming an excellent user of the English language!
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