Best Teacher Award(January 2017)

Thank you for working hard everyday.

We’d like to announce that we changed the method of choosing the BT Award teachers.
Among teachers who provided over 100 Skype lessons, we now choose the top 5 teachers who received the best average ratings from students.
* The maximum point of rating is 5.

The amount of payment to the awarded teachers is as follows.
1st~3rd: 3,000JPY
4th~5th: 1,500JPY

Here is the list of the top 5 teachers for the last month!
1st 8 teachers 3,000 yen
・Amir Ahmedinovic (5/5)
・Anna Tudose (5/5)
・Chelsi Jones (5/5)
・Dusanka Kokolj (5/5)
・Ivana Novicic (5/5)
・Milos Cudic (5/5)
・Marina Danic (5/5)
・Maria Virginia H. Concio (5/5)

Congratulations!!! おめでとうございます!

We are proud of all the teachers who work very hard for the BT students!
Everyone has a chance to be awarded.

Thank you very much (^-^)